Theatres in Glasgow

Glasgow's theatres are known worldwide for their unique style and charm. With years of history, countless performances, encores and standing ovations behind them, you get a sense of Scotland's passion for the Theatre.

A mix of drama, comedy and musicals will entertain you and your guests every night of the week. There is always something going on in Glasgow's Theatres, but the passion isn't just on the big stage. Much of Glasgow's theatrical brilliance is tucked away in the smaller venues, many artists work on smaller budgets forcing them into cheaper locations, but in a way, it adds to the performance. A smaller venue can allow you to get closer to the action and feel the energy in the performers. All of the popular theatres are easy to get to from the Georgian Guest House by bus or underground, many of them situated beside wonderful restaurants so you can enjoy a luscious meal before watching the performance of a lifetime.

Theatre Royal

The original was built in 1867 but reopened in 1895 after two horrific fires. The Theatre Royal Association has been running successfully since displaying some of the world's greatest entertainment from various styles. Drama, dance, comedy, opera, musicals and children's Theatre are included in the mix. Home to Scotland's resident companies, Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet, it is an ideal location for meetings and nights out. The building includes a Victorian Auditorium and corporate area with stylish contemporary design and can provide cheap nights entertainment with easy travel to and from our self-catering accommodation.

Pavilion Theatre

The building was built in 1904 and designed by Bertie Crewe for Thomas Barrasford. At the time, it evoked a sense of luxury and glamour and was described as "pure Louis XV". In its infancy, the stage was inhabited mostly by melodrama and pantomime, a prime venue for the artists of the time, such as Marie Lloyd, Little Tich, Harry Lauder, Florrie Forde, Will Fyffe, Sarah Bernhardt and a then-unknown Charlie Chaplin.

All through its history, The Pavilion has hosted performances with the top names from the period. More recently, the Theatre has produced plays such as 'The Sash' and 'The Steamie'. The Theatre, with its electronically operating sliding rood, is the only privately run one left in Scotland and one of the few truly independent theatres left in Britain.

Tron Theatre

A true part of Glasgow heritage, the original church dome dating from circa 1795 makes it a truly historic building. Hosting drama, comedy, live music and conferences for 30 years, The Tron theatre has thrived on a reputation for the best performances. Offering tickets from cheap to lavish depending on the event, you will be amazed by the comfort and style this theatre offers from a location ideal for transport to and from our self-catering accommodation in Glasgow West End.

King’s Theatre

Another testament to the fine theatrical heritage of Glasgow is the King's Theatre. Opened in 1904, it is one of the most elegant and fascinating designs from the prolific theatre architect Frank Matcham. Over the years, it has hosted top performers such as Stanley Baxter, Jimmy Logan, Rikki Fulton, Jack Milroy, Elaine C Smith and Gerard Kelly, who have appeared in what's considered the best Christmas Pantomime in the United Kingdom. The Theatre is also available as an outlet for Glasgow's amateur performers, adding another dimension to the already breathtakingly performances. During the 1990s, the King's was used as the location of the opening ceremony for Glasgow's City of Culture event. The Theatre continues to produce epic musicals and pantomime amongst the drama, dance and comedy performances to keep audiences engaged for a long time.

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